1962 Ford F-100 Custom Cab UNIBODY - cab and box all one piece
Long box (8'3") with tailgate and latches unique to unibody trucks
The wrap-around, curved glass rear window is unique to Unibody trucks
Original 292 V8 - 2 barrel carb - starts great and runs strong
3 speed on the column (3 on the tree); clutch is strong
Power brakes stop better than you can imagine - most old vehicles barely stop!
Original radiator is HUGE; works perfectly and truck never gets hot on the warmest days
Radial tires mounted on original steel rims with original hub caps
Original owners manual comes with truck

Very rare truck.  Excellent condition.  I drive this truck to work nearly every day.  Every light bulb works, including the license plate light, dome light, and dash lights.  The charging system and starter work perfectly (12v) and the battery is strong.  The voltage regular is brand new.  This truck has the original generator, not an alternator.   The truck steers straight and stops straight.  The wipers work.  The heater works.  Both side windows roll up and down properly.  There is no chipped or cracked glass.  It is easy to drive and goes down the road very well.  I would not be afraid to drive it anywhere!  It is MOST reliable.  It has no fluid leaks.  It uses no oil.  IT NEEDS NOTHING!  Drive it home!

I am not sure there is a nicer 1962 F-100 Ford pickup remaining, anywhere.  Let alone a unibody/one piece truck with a full size bed.  This truck looks good, drives good, and the interior is good.  Plus, the miles are low and it is obvious this truck has never worked like a truck.  It impresses everyone who sees it.  By the way, it has never had a trailer hitch on it, either, so it has never pulled a load, nor carried a load.  It is 100% a babied truck, but also driven nearly every day.

Here are MANY untouched photos showing the truck exactly as it is.  This truck is rock solid with more steel than 2 new trucks!  Inside and out, it is as nice as a 1962 truck can be.  Underneath, it still looks new.  Not a bondo buggy or lead sled.

My asking price is set very high at $25,000.  There is room for negotiation and/or trades.  If you are respectful of what this truck is and what it should be, you and I will sit down and talk!  I'd love for someone to take this truck to shows, show it off, drive it around, and enjoy it the way I have enjoyed it.  VERY RARE.  VERY BEAUTIFUL.  VERY RELIABLE.